1 on 1 With Hajaratih Binte Johana

Name: Hajaratih Binte Johana

Sport: Hockey

DOB: 29/01/1998

Position: Forward

Social Media:

  • IG: @hjrth_
  • Twitter: @hjrth_

At age 19, Hajaratih, aka Hajar, is one of the youngest players in the Women’s National Hockey team. What started off as innocent curiosity regarding the new sport in her first year in Teck Whye Secondary School, turned into an ever-growing passion and ongoing professional pathway for this young player. Aside from being a national athlete, Hajar also takes on the role of a student at Republic Polytechnic. An active sportswoman in her school, she manages to juggle her schoolwork, CCA (Hockey and Floorball) and national trainings well. Hajar, like any other student-athlete, concurs that it is not easy juggling everything, but what makes everything work for her is prioritizing her activities.

As the 2017 SEA Games draws near by the day, Hajar gave us an insight on how their preparation has been going along. Aside from the fitness, technical and tactical trainings, the National Women’s Hockey Team have been attending nutrition and sport psychology seminars to boost their understanding of what they can be doing to enhance their performance on the pitch. In spite of this, she voiced that the team still needs to hone their telepathic powers to better communicate in their passes because according to Hajar: “not everyone here is Professor X”. The relatively recent addition to the team, Coach David Viner, has been a great asset to the girls. Hajar commented that Coach David’s use of technology – VX system and Sportscode Gamebreaker, allowed herself and her team mates to better understand their individual mistakes and for their performances to be properly monitored. Hajar feels confident that with all the tools that Coach David have been utilizing, strategies can be spontaneously crafted when major game plan changes are required during the tournament.

What individual problems does Hajar face? Switching player positions can be a daunting experience for many players. As with Hajar, she admittedly commented that converting from a midfielder to a forward relatively frustrated her due to the unfamiliarity of the role, which forces her out of their play ups. Regardless, she remains composed and alert of her surroundings, and that greatly helped her settle in her position.

So, what can we expect to see from Hajar in this upcoming 2017 SEA Games? Hajar’s best season was in the 2017 Women’s Hockey World League Round 2, and she aims to play similarly or even better – hopes to score a goal for Team Singapore in the 2017 SEA Games! Also, as a forward, you would expect to see her dribble pass her opponents and penetrate their goal zone for a scoring opportunity! Expect to see Hajar, donning the Singapore flag on her #13 jersey this coming SEA games held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, between 19th to 30th August 2017.

You can also keep a lookout for Hajar playing in the National Women’s League Division 1 for team Vanquishers!