1 on 1 With Timothy Goh

Name: Timothy Goh Kai Yang

Sport: Indoor Hockey

DOB: 01/02/1994

Position: Forward

Social Media:

  • IG: @timgky
  • Twitter: @matadorhockey12

For the next featured athlete, we have Timothy Goh from the National Indoor Hockey team. At 23, Tim will be competing in his 2nd SEA Games this coming August! His hockey journey began at St. Andrew’s Junior School, at the age of 9, and his passion progressed to his adolescent life in Raffles Institution and to this day, where he is studying Sport Science and Management in Nanyang Technological University. A varsity athlete in the NTU Floorball Men’s team, Tim has the arduous task of managing both athlete and student life in school in addition to his commitments to the national team.

Tim was previously from the National Field Hockey team and was one of the players during the 2015 SEA Games finals against Malaysia, when he forced the match into a penalty shootout with a goal in the last minute of the game. Despite having close to zero interaction with indoor hockey, the fast paced nature of the game and high scoring rate, were the factors that eventually led him to want to pursue the sport at the national level. Tim said: “On the whole, I feel that my new experience in indoor hockey allowed me to fine tune my basics and appreciate a different form of the game.” Tim’s open-mindedness to improve his craft and explore another form of the sport is commendable and has earned him the respect of his teammates and the coaching team. While adjusting and switching between the two different forms of the game can prove to be difficult for some individuals, Tim’s ravenous appetite for success has allowed him to adapt easily to both forms of hockey.

The pride and honour that Tim possesses to fly the country’s flag, pushes him to put nothing less than 100% into his training and preparations for the upcoming SEA Games. The memory of the experience of playing in front of a large crowd of Singaporean supporters during the 2015 SEA Games hockey finals provides Tim extra motivation to play his best. With all the resources and support given to the team to best equip them, Tim is fired up to push for the finals to compete for the SEA Games gold. When asked what his personal goals were for the SEA Games, Tim responded with: “Fundamentals! 100% trapping, 100% shots on goal, 100% running effort!” With such determination and focus, we can count on him to perform well. Expect to see Tim, donning the Singapore flag on his number 9 jersey this coming SEA games held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, between 19th and 30th August 2017.

You can also keep a look out for Tim playing for Team ORA in the National Hockey League Division 1!