Wannie To Debut In SEA Games 2017

Name: Wannelenah Bte Mohd Alvarez Sinuan

Sport: Indoor Hockey

DOB: 7/12/1995

Position: Center

Social Media:

  • IG: @wxalvrz
  • Twitter: @wxalvrz

When she first entered secondary school, Wannelenah Sinuan, or Wannie as she is known to her friends, did not see hockey as part of her sporting plans. However, she was convinced by her peers in Northland Secondary School to give it a shot during the CCA trials. Previously a runner during her time in Dazhong Primary School, she was set on continuing and enhancing her performance and technique in athletics when she entered secondary school. In the end, it was the team element present in hockey, and the running and speed element present of the sport, which was something that she was familiar with from her days in athletics, that made her deviate from her original plan.

Although her national trainings and hectic schedule outside of hockey already must be physically exhausting, Wannie constantly finds herself engaging in light workouts as a mode to de-stress. It would seem an unconventional way of relaxing, as most would prefer more sedentary activities, but to Wannie, staying active even on her off-days provides an outlet to keep both her fitness and stress levels in check. Wannie also does this as she has focused her effort in balancing the various aspects of her sporting commitments and personal commitments purely towards ensuring that her mind, body and soul is in peak condition for the competition that awaits her and her team.

Making her debut in her first ever SEA Games, she expressed how honoured and humbled she was to be given the opportunity to represent Singapore. Her support from friends and family has been encouraging and everyone is excited to watch this promising athlete give her all for our country.

Like any athlete training for an upcoming competition, she has difficulties and hurdles to be overcome. For Wannie, the issue of connecting and adapting to her teammates’ style of play was one of the obstacles she had to face. The idea of line or team chemistry can be difficult to build especially when players are new to one another outside of the court. However, she remains positive and knows that the team will be ready by the time the biennial games commences.

When asked what she wanted to achieve from the SEA Games, she responded with: “We hope that we can accomplish something in Kuala Lumpur so that the future Indoor Hockey players have something to build upon and can continue improving and bring up the image and interest in the sport.” With such passion and genuine concern for not only the sport, but also for the future generations of players, there is no doubt that Wannie will give everything to make us proud in the coming competition.

So, what can we expect from Wannie this coming SEA Games? Taking the role of center in the team, you will see her trying her best to structure and control her line mates to execute game plays and systems instructed by her coach. Show your support for Wannie debuting in her number 6 jersey in this year’s SEA Games that is happening between 19th and 30th August 2017!

You can also catch her playing in the National Women’s League 1 for Jansenites!