Name: Tiffany Ong Zi Ting

DOB: 23/12/1996

Position: Forward/Midfielder

Social Media:

  • IG: @tiffyyi
  • Twitter: @tiffyyi

With the SEA Games behind her, 21-year-old Tiffany Ong, has her sights set on the next major competition, the 9th Women’s Asia Cup 2017. The SEA Games bronze medallist has made a name for herself in the international scene with 34 caps and 16 goals in her 4 years with the national team. An active sportswoman, Tiffany has proven herself not only talented in hockey but also in track and field and golf, where she represents her school, Republic Polytechnic.


Tiffany, it seems, comes from talented stock. She plays alongside her younger sister, Jerelee Ong, in the National Women’s Field Hockey Team. When asked what it’s like having a sibling in the national team with her, Tiffany said, “It’s actually really nice. The routine of school and training can get quite monotonous and taxing, so it’s good that I have someone so close at home who understands what I’m going through and in fact goes through it with me.” There is no apparent sibling rivalry between the two. In its place exists a healthy competition between the Ong sisters. “Jerelee pushes me to set the bar higher because she doesn’t chase the big international Hockey stars, she chases me. Currently, it’s getting harder for me because she has outgrown me and her talent surprises me sometimes.” However, there are still differences between the two even with their close connection. Their styles and positions both vary quite strikingly with Tiffany a more offensive player and Jerelee, a more defensive player. Despite this, Tiffany said “Even with our differences, she knows where I’d prefer to receive the ball and how I play the game. We believe in each other’s ability so she won’t be afraid to make a pass that others might hesitate to make.”


The 9th Women’s Asia Cup features 8 countries vying for a spot in the 2018 Women’s Hockey World Cup in London, UK. “The competition will feature big teams like China, Japan, India and Korea. Those are the ones I’m looking forward to although it’ll be tough,” said the forward. “We’ve definitely trained very hard for this tournament, getting stronger and fitter especially,” she added. With world number 8, China, and world number 12, India, in the same pool as Singapore, the road to glory will not be an easy one for our ladies. “My personal goal is to minimise technical mistakes, like trapping and passing. As a team, we aim to outplay teams of similar standard to us and close the gap against the stronger teams.” Despite the odds, the team is focused on finishing in the top 6 positions to qualify for the Asian Games. “Being able to play in the Asian Games will definitely be a new experience for all of us in the team. All in all, I’m really excited to play in Japan’s cool weather!”


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