Election of Office Bearers & Ordinary Council Members



As informed in the Notice of General Meeting dated 12 July 2018, the final date for submitting nominations for Office Bearers and Ordinary Members of Council was 27 July 2018. As of that date the following nominations had been delivered:


President                               –               Mathavan Devadas

Deputy President                 –               Ramesh Appoo

Vice President                      –               Aw Bang Hui

Vice President                      –               Vimala Tulasi d/o Vetrivel

Vice President                      –               Tan Sain Kon Jevan

Vice President                      –               Jaya Moorthi s/o Sinniah Pillai

General Secretary               –               Abdul Samad bin Mohamed Ismail

Asst General Secretary       –               Rilaini binte Sapari

Treasurer                              –               Lim Siew Li

Asst Treasurer                      –              Ramamoorthy s/o Krishanan

Ordinary Members              –              Ang Chee Kiong

                                                                Tan Sue Taime Bernetta

                                                                Amarjeet Singh

                                                                Siti Amalina binte Mohamed Said

                                                                Ravin Periasamy

                                                                Amirah Binte Ariffin

                                                                Tan Yu Wei

                                                                Bala Muraly s/o Anchang

                                                                Tan Ling Yen Janice

                                                                Joginder Singh


Only the above mentioned persons shall now be eligible to be elected as Office Bearers and Ordinary Members of Council, at the Annual General Meeting on 7 August 2018.