A Good Week for Singapore Umpires on the International Scene

This past week proved to be especially good for local umpires in the international scene  with a couple of notable pieces of news.


Firstly, Mr Harishoran Silvarajoo, appointed as a Neutral Umpire to the Asian Games Qualifiers in Oman,  was appointed as an umpire to the Semi-Final match between Oman & Thailand and as a reserve umpire in the Finals between Oman & Bangladesh.


Secondly, Ms Malissa Bte Abdul Rahman joined the burgeoning ranks of active Singapore Intenational Grade Umpires as she was promoted to FIH International Umpire for Outdoor Hockey.


Our contingent of active International Umpires stands as follows:

Mr Lim Hong Zhen (International World Panel Umpire [Field Hockey])

Ms Miskarmalia Ariffin (International Grade 1 Umpire [Field Hockey])

Ms Toh Limin (International Promising List Umpire [Field Hockey])

Ms Tan Koon Kim Cookie (International Promising List Umpire [Field Hockey])

Mr Harishoran Silvarajoo (International Umpire [Field Hockey])

Mr Mohamed Nur Sa’lan Bin Mohamed Ayob (International Umpire [Field Hockey])

Mr Mohammad Amin Aiderus (International Umpire [Field Hockey])

Ms Malissa Bte Abdul Rahman (International Umpire [Field Hockey])


Ms Leong Weizhen (International Umpire [Indoor Hockey])


SHF congratulates both umpires on their successes.