Singapore Hockey Federation Concludes Its 28th Annual General Meeting

Saturday, 31 October 2020 – The Singapore Hockey Federation’s 28th Annual General Meeting was held in-person at Seng Kang Sports and Recreational Stadium with its Executive Committee, Council, affiliates and life members in attendance. Safe management measures were observed at the meeting that welcomed 39 attendees.

“The Executive Committee reviewed and came to the decision that an in-person AGM was important for the hockey fraternity. We’ve not had the opportunity to come together for months, and we’re glad to have been able to discuss ideas for the future of our sport, in Singapore” said Mr Mathavan Devadas, who ran unopposed for his fourth term as President of the SHF. “We hope that this is the first step as we usher in happier days for hockey.”

Three new additions to the EXCO were: Mr Shamir Osman (Assistant Treasurer), Mr Ang Chee Kiong (Vice President) and Ms Christabel Chan (Vice President).

“I’m delighted that half of our new team consists of individuals aged 40 and below. Rejuvenating leadership with new ideas and approaches is something that we as a fraternity must continue to do,” Mr Mathavan added.

“Succession planning is important to ensure that plans we’ve worked hard to put in place can continue to drive the sport forward in the years ahead. I look forward to working with this team as we aim to do exactly that.”

The new team will serve a two-year term effective from 1st November 2020.

Executive Committee Members
President Mr. Mathavan Devadas
Deputy President Mr. Ramesh Appoo 
General Secretary Mr. Abdul Samad Bin Mohamed Ismail 
Asst General Secretary Ms. Rilaini Bte Sapari 
Treasurer Ms. Lelaina Lim Siew Li 
Asst Treasurer Mr. Mohamed Shamir Mohamed Osman 
Vice President Mr. Ang Chee Kiong 
Vice President Mr. Aw Bang Hui 
Vice President Ms. Christabel Chan Li Jing 
Vice President Mr. Jaya Moorthi s/o Sinniah Pillai 


Council Members
Council Member Mr. Amarjeet Singh
Council Member Ms. Amirah Binte Ariffin
Council Member Mr. Bala Muraly s/o Anchang
Council Member Ms. Janice Tan Ling Yen
Council Member Ms. Jessie Teh Pui Fang
Council Member Mr. Joshua Tan Yu Wei
Council Member Mr. Mohamed Feroz Egueyamarecar
Council Member Mr. Ravin Periasamy
Council Member Ms. Vimalatulasi d/o Vetrivel
Council Member Mr. Wong Guo Xian Joshua