Hangzhou Asian Games 2022: Coach David’s Farewell to the Women’s team

Written by Coach David Viner after the Hangzhou Asian Games 2022

The Singapore hockey community should be justly proud of the performances of their Singapore National Women’s Hockey Team in the recently completed Asian Games. Given the commendable achievements and dedication of this team over the last two years, post-COVID, it’s clear that their hard work and commitment have paid off, culminating in achieving their highest world ranking of 31. This is a significant accomplishment and showcases the team’s steady growth and improvement in international hockey.

Defeating Thailand in the SEA Games (ranked 29) is a notable achievement after numerous close matches and emphasized the team’s potential and their ability to compete with strong regional opponents.

The dedication and preparation required to compete in both the SEA Games and the Asian Games within a 17-week gap was truly impressive. The team’s notable first up Asian Games performance since 1994 against (eventual Asian Games’ 2023 finalists) Korea and the confidence they gained from that game was a testament to their courage and talent.

Later Asian Games’ wins against Hong Kong and Kazakhstan were crucial in defining the team’s rise in world rankings and maintaining their status as number 7 in Asia. It highlights the commitment to hard work and skill development that the team has invested in over the years.

19th Asian Games – Hockey – Women’s Preliminary Pool A – SGP v KOR – Gongshu Canal Sports Park Stadium, Hangzhou. China – September 25, 2023 Singapore’s women’s hockey players in action. Sport Singapore/ Bryan Foo

The National Women’s Hockey Team has steadily built a good balance of young players and experienced seniors over several years. Players from the successful 2019 Junior AHF Cup team have now firmly established their credentials alongside those more experienced players as vital to the national team’s performances.

It’s of utmost importance to recognize the relentless commitment and unwavering dedication of every player who has earned a place on the national team in recent tournaments. Their resolve each week to participate in rigorous gym training, refine their skills on the pitch, and leverage various resources, such as video analysis, to enhance their understanding of the game is highly commendable. The fact that those who miss selection continue to support their teammates and stay motivated at training to earn future selections is also a testament to the strong team spirit and camaraderie within the squad. This kind of attitude is crucial for maintaining a positive team environment.

The support staff, being our hard-working long-term manager, co-coaches, and goalkeeping coach, deserve credit for their guidance and organization. Their role in nurturing the team’s success is crucial, and their commitment to their roles should not be underestimated. The support from SportSG personnel, who provide valuable programs and advice, is also a vital part of the team’s success. Their contribution in helping individual players and the team must be acknowledged.

Overall, the Singapore National Women’s Hockey Team’s journey is a testament to the players’ spirit of dedication, hard work, and determination in their sport. Their rise in world rankings and impressive performances in major tournaments demonstrate their potential to continue making Singapore proud on the international stage.