Dreamatron Sports

Dreamatron Sports was established in 2009 with the incorporation of the company in 2013 as Dreamatron Sports Marketing Pte Ltd. The Singapore based company is focused on the sports industry with specialization in marketing and distribution of sports products.

The company is primarily the sole distributor of local brand Dreamatron Sportswear. The unique branding concept of Dreamatron is based upon the achievement of your sporting dreams. We are not about our own personal or brand glorifications but we believe in the sporting Dreams of everyone. The mask logo is related to the main theme of the notion of Dream. The mask is akin to an illusion which a Dream symbolises and what is behind the mask is essentially the true identity which represents the reality. The phrase associated with the brand is aptly conceptualised as “Dream the Reality”. The brand name, logo and slogan are all registered trademarks.

The mission of the company is to provide our sportswear and sports products to sports participants with a sporting dream at all levels. The vision of the company is ultimately to be the premier and leading sporting brand in Singapore and beyond.

Since 2009, Dreamatron Sportswear has supplied our line of sports attire to numerous teams ranging from MOE Schools, University Halls, Social Sport Teams, Tertiary Institutions, Government Organizations, various Teams representing Singapore and for Local and International Sporting Events.

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